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14 April 2015
The first week of my regular tweeting
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Last few days I have devoted quite a lot of thinking and energy to my EcoMole twitter account and have realized that I have once in a lifetime opportunity to capture my development from a twitter novice to a seasoned tweeting expert in real time. I am an organic chemist by education (Ph.D. UCL) who spent thousands of hours in research labs and was used to logging observations into a notebook. Now, fifteen years later and living in a virtual world it is time to prepend b and start to blog observations here.

The first post at EcoMole account was published on the 8th April and six days later it displays 297 tweets, 297 followed, 62 followers, and 16 lists (I keep most of my followed accounts in some of these lists). Quite a few of my tweets were already retweeded several times. I am well aware that many interactions and some followers are silicon based but quite a few of them are already composed of carbon and other biogenic elements and that is nice. :)

I am not a total novice to the Twitter world as I have another account which I was using 5 years ago. But I used to tweet there just few announcements about new materials at and ceased to do it soon.

This time I have entered better prepared. In recent weeks I read a lot of articles around the web and then searched for some books for my Kindle. Quite a lot of e-books have been already written about this topic and some are available for free. I have downloaded and read all the free ones, and found the following to be the most useful:

as was another book:

To be honest, I do not need much persuasion to turn from programming to writing, but it is good to know that I am not procrastinating but fulfilling one of my most important responsibilities. :)

I am also an avid reader who reads a lot of psychology books. There is no other way to sustain high activity on Twitter than to make it meaningful for myself personally. Fortunately in this respect, I love all kinds of science and I have strong teacher reflexes: share as much knowledge as you can, not minding many defenses on the other side of the classroom.

My simple rule of sharing therefore is: to share anything I personally find interesting but only after checking the original source. After all I am a scientist as well.

Being a heavy computer user from time when personal computers were heavy, testing and using proper tools is also deeply ingrained in my problems' solution style. Thus I have tried quite a few tools, and at this moment, I am regularly using:


Android (see my yesterday's post):

Pictures are very useful to attract more attention and while I am definitively not an artist I still manage to produce some own pictures with help of Inkscape and OpenClipart library, which offers both an excellent licence policy Unlimited Commercial Use and many excellent images.

I have already wrote longer than even my high priorities permit so I will return to my other experiences in a few days time. It would be nice if I could find you among my followers at @ecomole_com. ;)