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18 April 2015 - transferring Kindle highlights to Evernote in the blink of an eye
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Several months ago Evernote became my primary tool for information housekeeping. I also read a lot of non-fiction books and regularly highlight interesting sections for later reuse or browsing.

And a week ago I began to tweet regularly and started to look for an efficient workflow for transforming books' proto-tweets to real ones. In my post about these attempts I mentioned a discovery of very useful tool for sharing notes between Kindle and Evernote - and had promised to write an article about it.

I am using it now regularly as an enthusiastic user with thousands of clippings transferred:

I feel it is time to fulfill my promise. But I also feel that I deserve rest after an eventful week. Fortunately, using is so simple that it does not require a lot of words to describe its usefulness.

The service can be used for free but as I was immediately aware of the excellent fit to my needs and as the subscription price is not going to ruin me (or anyone who can afford to buy Kindle books) I have immediately subscribed their chrome extension, which made transferring clippings hassle free:

Each morning after horizontal reading session I click on the installed toolbar button and in a minute I can see everything in Evernote:

Kindle notes can be also browsed, searched, and edited directly at

And a final suggestion. Good books are excellent sources for tweeting. You get interesting tweets nobody else is tweeting. Also you have to think hard to fit them into 140 characters limit. It may not sound as advantage, but you are pressed to get the essence of a sentence or paragraph and will find soon it helps clarity of thinking tremendously.

With plenty of notes in Evernote it is easy to find an interesting note for my Buffer if store of tweets gets low. I am trying hard to tweet regularly, after a week of tweeting my tweet count is approaching 1000. If you are a company founder and the person responsible for its public relations there is no excuse for some slack.

I was a scientist in one of my previous incarnations and so suffering from compulsion to provide sources for anything, even my tweets. So I export to Evernote with all possibilities offered by switched on. In the next step I change tags created from books title to a shortened URL. And the source URL is immediately ready to use:

With contribution of and other tools is my tweet count steadily rising at @ecomole_com: