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13 April 2015
A recipe for turning kindle books into treasure box of tweets
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Recently I have become an avid twitter participant at and discovered the joy of sharing tweets. I am a university teacher in one of my incarnations and thus addicted to talking about many topics to any willing (and unwilling) ears.

My days were always busy and they become even busier recently. But I love reading and so as soon as I open my eyes, usually before 6 am, I manage to squeeze in some time to read (if projects or wife permit :).

I read non-fiction books from variety of fields (see EcoMole reader's corner for books I read in recent months). On Saturday I have realized that books often contain very useful proto-tweets and the only problem is to transfer them to real tweets in a way not interfering with reading convenience. As a scientist by training I also like to know sources of information and so a link to the book is a must.

Now, two days later, I am using a few tricks which I will share with you in few postings. Meantime I have also discovered a very useful tool: which enables convenient transfer between Kindle notes and Evernote, but this tool deserves a full article, hopefully soon.

So there is my work-flow tested in fully horizontal layout (of my body - not my tablet):

0. You need a tablet. I am a very satisfied user of Nexus 7 - v.2014
1. The current version of Amazon Kindle for Android works nicely and so copying selected text does not take much time. The jumping windows with explanations can be sometimes useful but often interfere with copying when the text is on the bottom of the page. But usually the second try or a font resize solves the problem.
2. While reading I do not want to edit and/or tweet all coppied snippets immediately, and so clipboard manager is important. I have tried several ones and found Copy Bubble towering above the rest. I copy shortened URL of the book as the first entry to have a convenient access later.
3. To copy a short URL I need to have them in the first place and while there are many choices how to work with them I like URL Shortener the most
4. And finally it is time to transfer a snippet from the clipboard manager to a tweet, in some cases edit and post. Again playing with a few possibilities I settled for Talon for Twitter (Plus). I am now using their send later feature a lot, I do not wish to overflow my followers with a lot of snippets from a single book and at time when most readers are either going to bed (6 am in the Czech republic is midnight in Washington) or soundly sleeping in Europe.

P.S. - Screenshots for this post were made by Screnshot Easy by Ice Cold Apps

P.S.2 - As a very new but active twitter user I would appreciate if you follow my mostly scientific tweets - chemistry, environment, psychology,... name it . I am really a fox. :)